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Development of aluminum alloy industry in 2015


Zhuo yuan technology, has gradually become a well-known professional intelligent road brake manufacturer. From the establishment to the present, from Foshan to the whole country, from the domestic to the export of foreign. Zhuo Yuan Technology gateway quality has been widely accepted as a synonym for security, quality. Choose Zhuo far technology of intelligent road brake, quality is worthy of your trust!


As a manufacturer of high quality intelligent gateway for all over the country, the technology has been working hard to improve the design and technology of the intelligent gateway. It is because of the pursuit of satisfactory intelligent technology far away, so as to introduce new, so many of the characteristics of the intelligent road brake, to serve the country's many customers, and get the customer's praise.

Zhuo far science and technology --- the gate pole of the intelligent road brake

1, the brake lever permanent 90 degrees, 360 degrees to avoid the accident, the accident occurred.

2, anti smashing rod is made of soft colloidal materials, when human error or a mechanical failure and other unforeseen circumstances, can be avoided by vehicles and pedestrians.

3, the gate rod surface: fully reflects the humanistic concern us, intelligent road gate rod company using 3M night vision reflective film, not only increased the gate rod appearance, but also for pedestrians and vehicles to prompt the good in the night.

If you are interested in our intelligent gateway products or have questions, at any time you can click on the right side of our online customer service, or call: 400-644-2788, Zhuo far technology --- the whole process for your intimate service!