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Development of aluminum alloy industry in 2015


Aluminum doors and windows due to practical, decorative, widely used and other characteristics of the market has been favored. Consumer awareness has become stronger, the requirements of aluminum windows and doors have been continuously improved, and directly promote the development and maturity of the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry.

As we all know, by the impact of the real estate policy, in 2014 the aluminum doors and windows industry relatively few years, the overall development of the slow development of the situation, the majority of enterprises sales are not optimistic. Thus, in 2015 the development of aluminum alloy doors and windows industry has become a major enterprise to find a breakthrough, to expand the brand's reference point.

Brand building is becoming more and more important

Because of the fierce competition in the market of aluminum alloy doors and windows, companies have been eliminated, there are new enterprises to find ways to fill in. However, because of the lack of strength of enterprises, market experience is not enough, industry system is imperfect, leading to the market a variety of cross-border brand-name, OEM products, high imitation copycat businesses and sell it emerge in an endless stream, is the secret of these businesses to disrupt Aluminum Alloy doors and windows market "". This brings a certain impact on the healthy development of the whole industry.

Therefore, in 2015, even in the coming years, I believe there will be more Aluminum Alloy and enterprises will focus on corporate brand building, focusing on the link Aluminum Alloy windows management, integration of resources, to be bigger and stronger.

Look at the face of the times, "Yan good" is the key

Needless to say, this is a look at the face of the era, "Yan good" to have a wayward capital. Consumers in the purchase of aluminum alloy doors and windows products, the most concerned about the quality of products, as well as product design. In general, aluminum doors and windows of the high-end reflect the quality of aluminum, metal parts, etc., in addition, the product design also occupies an important position.

WeChat marketing into an important marketing way

As everyone knows, in the era of progress, marketing is constantly changing, enterprises only depend on the development of the traditional marketing means, it is difficult to hold firm in the industry, with the rise of WeChat, WeChat is not only the communication between people, is the platform for marketing of many enterprises.

O2O model is becoming more and more perfect

For the domestic industry, the concept of O2O in 2014 has been fired, and looking back, be in full swing. The influence of O2O model on Aluminum Alloy doors and windows industry appears to be more than the imagination of many people. In this behind, in addition to the media hype, the rapid rise of electricity suppliers also have a certain impact.

However, return to nature, although the O2O model is popular, but for many Aluminum Alloy doors and windows enterprise, is still in the "can not be Lex playing" stage. In 2015, many companies have seen some successful test the water, will gradually join the ranks of O2O. It is worth mentioning that, every kind of the rise of the model, in the development process is full of challenges and opportunities, which also contributed to the model is becoming more and more perfect.