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Foshan Wei Yu Zhuo Yuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhuo far technology, was founded in 2010, specializing in the parking lot intelligent management system, parking fees system, three-dimensional parking system production, research and development and sales of high-end brands.

Zhuoyuan technology, with strong corporate strength, high-quality management team for the pilot to humanized production management system as the basis, with advanced production equipment as the guarantee, based in Southern China, Zhuoyuan technology to have the whole world in view, provide the most perfect, the most reliable and the most attentive service for the operation of the brand, to with high taste, high quality, high standard of art for the corporate brand development road. Will continue to inherit and carry forward the spirit of enterprise innovation of high-tech Rong extraordinary, providing public access facilities, safe, convenient, simple and practical solutions to the market, to help customers achieve low cost, high efficiency, high public access to the intelligent information management target.

Zhuoyuan technology is a vibrant and thriving Chaoyang brand, we uphold the "people-oriented, scientific management, integrity, respect, seeking" the spirit of enterprise, follow the development and improve, revitalize, multidimensional "business principles, the realization of" organization system, scientific decision-making, development target management standardization, work procedures, ".

In 2011, Zhuoyuan technology has been successfully listed on the smart gate, intelligent suspension doors, aluminum guardrail, high-end products such as booth. In 2012, we will continue to open up the parking lot charging system. In 2014, we will open up a three-dimensional parking lot system.

We firmly believe that as long as the market as a guide to innovation as the driving force to the quality of survival, development and growth, Zhuo yuan technology will stand in the top of the industry.